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7:09 a.m. - Friday, May. 11, 2007
What's up with the Energy Right Now?
There is something different about the energy just now. I know myself that I was somewhat 'down' in March, and feeling strangely apathetic through April. I was also feeling the need to ground myself all the time. Its as if if I didn't work on grounding my energies I would spin right off the planet.

Those of you who do energy work or who are aware of subtle energies may have felt this feeling of not being grounded. Those of you that aren't aware of energies may be feeling 'spinny', unfocused and unable to care to the degree that is normal for you.

Just now I'm getting back to normal, but I'm noticing a lot of my friends and family are feeling it too. Its a very hard feeling to explain, but if you happen to be going through it, you will know exactly what I'm talking about. I wanted to write about it because the more people I talk to, the more I realize it is more than just me. There's nothing worse than being in a mood or state and feeling like there is something wrong with you and wondering what it is.

I've noticed it in my readings and with my friends and family. I brought it up at the group I just had in my home, and everyone there knew exactly the energy I was talking about, they were all experiencing feelings that were not the norm for them. The range seems to be from a feeling of depression or lethargy to feelings of not really caring about what is going on. My friend was telling me about her young adult son, who is very empathatic and normally a really caring guy and he is having feelings of being drained by his friends. Normally he is the kid who listens to all his friends problems and helps them out. The past couple of weeks, he's been fed up with his friends and can't seem to bother caring. He doesn't have the energy to even talk to them right now.

Its as if we need to be taking care of our own business and sharing energy just isn't the way to go right now. The more people I talk to, the more I hear "I just can't seem to make myself care about other peoples' stuff right now".

Looking a bit deeper into these feelings, when you focus on your family and friends you still feel the love in your heart - its reasonating just like always. You just don't have the energy to share with them. You don't have the time or focus to get involved (or even listen to) their dramas. This doesn't need to be a big deal. If you recognize it for the shift that it is, remember that you still do have the capacity for love and that these feelings will pass, you should get through it just fine.

When I was going through it myself it felt as if a shift was occuring. I had a really big urge to move house too. I'm holding off on listing my place until the energies calm down a bit. I don't want to make such a big move until I am sure that its not just the shifting energies that is making me feel the urge to get out of here.

Every now and then the energy of and on Mother Earth seems to shift and change, and a lot of us feel these shifts and changes. This isn't new for me so I just spent some time alone to regenerate and recharge myself. With all the energy sharing I do I need to do that sometimes.

So, if you happen to be feeling 'not your normal self' lately, try not to be so hard on yourself. Just know that the energies are shifting, and that you will get through it. The key to getting through it seems to be allowing yourself to let things go. Try and spend some time alone or just continue to go through the motions, don't make any major life changes, ground yourself , meditate if you can and allow it to pass.


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